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Beginners Meet Up

These workshops are aimed at those who are new to millinery as well as students who have begun their millinery journey.


During the sessions you will learn the following techniques:


·         How to hand sculpt and manipulate a variety of millinery materials

·         Work on the bias to create single and double bias brims and trims

·         Hat design and construction

·         Traditional and modern millinery sewing techniques

·         Understand how to embellish and trim your hats and so much more.


Topics we will cover include:


·         Blocking and customizing a crown / base for your hat

·         Freeform Techniques include, Sinamay, Buntal mats, Parasisal straw, Velour / Wool Felt

·         Blocking

·         Fascinators Sculptural hat designs

·         Trims and Embellishments

·         Silk Abaca

·         Filigree Techniques

·         Straw braid techniques

·         Working with feathers including trims and mounts

·         Flowers Wiring techniques

·         Perfecting your bias binding

·         Finishing and perfecting your designs



You don’t need to invest in expensive hat blocks just a crown block. A list of materials and equipment will be included at the beginning of each video.


Each month I will introduce you to a series of new techniques and demonstrate the process of creating a design using the technique.


I will teach both traditional millinery techniques as well as my signature techniques in Freeforming different millinery materials. Some of the techniques will be spread over 2 sessions.


The monthly sessions will give you a strong foundation in Freeform and modern millinery techniques giving you skills to help you move forward as a milliner. I will encourage and support you in the process and help you to develop your own unique style.


There is a dedicated Facebook group for Members.

The monthly sessions are pre-recorded. They last for approximately 90 minutes and cost £30 on a monthly subscription basis.




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