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Monthly  Mentoring

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Monthly Millinery Mentoring is a monthly subscription and interactive group via Facebook for students who have previously attended my Freeform Sinamay workshop either on-line or in person. These techniques are suitable for intermediate to advanced students.

You have the opportunity to learn new techniques as well as further develop and expand on techniques that you have already learned.

I have developed new content for these sessions which will give you the opportunity to explore new techniques before anyone else. Some of the content will remain exclusive to these sessions.  

Topics that we cover include:


  • Feathers - painting, cutting, mounting, printing

  • Straw Braid - vintage and modern

  • Crin - sculpting

  • Flowers - techniques to create individual flowers with a variety of materials. A fun approach to making your own stamens.

  • Silk Abaca - Alice bands, trims

  • New Advanced Felt - Vintage and Modern; including a new laser cutting effect technique

  • Advanced Freeform Techniques in Sinamay and Parasisal straw. Learn how to combine the two materials in a variety of ways.

  • Leather work (including blocking leather over a foundation shape)

  • Fosshape

  • Tubular Crin Techniques

The monthly sessions will be pre-recorded and will be available to watch for as long as you are subscribed. A list of materials will be included at the beginning of each session. The sessions last for approximately 90 minutes and cost £30 on a monthly subscription basis.

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